Next stop, St. Louis!

I’m finally home after a week away and a book signing in Augusta, Maine. School starts here next week and my other job starts now, so here comes the insanity.  I have taken to writing an hourly schedule in a feeble attempt to take care of everything that needs to get done while also allowing ample time for my kiddos. Hard balance, to be sure.


The next few months are gonna be a little hectic. I have three more signings to do, a book (or two) to finish and two demanding jobs.  (See elephant above)

The next signing is being put on by Amy Miles, and Action for Autism, so of course, I have to go to that!

You can visit the site here.  This is a list of attending authors:

penned con banner

After Penned, I’ll be attending two events with writer buddy, R.J.Keller. We’ll be stopping at Queen City:

queen city

Then heading over to N.E.W.S.


Much debauchery will ensue at those events, you can be sure.

Until then, I will be working to keep my head on straight.

Oh, and making cool images like this one!

Twin Flames Promo


**Get PULLED in, for FREE**





OR, get the ENTIRE Trilogy



Danielle Bannister, Author and possible owl.




Let the pitching begin…………

Okay, so what has been happening since last we spoke? Well, right now I’m writing this post in Amy Mile’s kitchen reading over the final chapters of the our revised book which is officially:

Now with less adverbs!

Now with LESS Adverbs!

We’ve tighten up our synopsis, tweaked our first three chapters and have shipped them off to our agent who will then begin pitching them to book publishers. Who that’s a lot of verbs.

\We leave tomorrow for a Maine signing  (come see us) that we will both be going to, and then we will be back to our daily facebook chats to debate over the use of this word or that.

amy and I at work

This was so much easier, and tastier! Such good pastries there!

While down here Amy viciously nominated me for the Ice Bucket Challenge GRRRRRR. #friendsdontletfriendsfreeze. Check out the facebook some time Thursday for THAT cringe worthy video.

I also got to get some major doggie love from their pup, Molly. Love this dog! And got to learn the xbox from their son. He’s sooooo much better than me!


Amy and her husband Rick have been amazing hosts, stuffing a ton of food down my eager throat!

I will try to post more often once I get back to Maine.  Things will have settled by then, right? RIGHT?


Danielle Bannister, Author and stuffed guest would you



What’s the buzz?

Ok, so it’s been a crazy few weeks here as you can imagine. Shifting gears from self publishing to traditional publishing has been a bit of a learning curve for all of us. I thought I’d give you an update on where things stand with Netherworld.  Right now, Amy and I are in the process of doing some re-writes on our first three chapters using our agents excellent suggestions. From there, the agent will send it off to two potential publishers. From there, your guess is as good as mine.  What I can say, is that both Amy and I are THRILLED with the revisions. We think the book will be much stronger, and that is a very good thing.

Later this month, I will be flying down to South Carolina to spend a week with Amy. This trip had been planned for us to work on book two, however, in light of the changes of late, we are going to focus on the re-writes of Netherworld.  From there, Amy and I will catch a plane and head back to Maine where we will be attending this Author event:

BC banner

It’s an event you should all come to and support a great cause.  For information about tickets and attending authors you can visit:


I will keep you updated as news develops. Thank you all for your patience and encouragement throughout this process!


Danielle Bannister, Author and Cancer Research Supporter



Soooooo, at a facebook party a few days ago, a teaser for NETHERWORLD (Book #1 of the Hallowed Realm trilogy, Amy and I released, captured the attention of a literary management company.

postcard back side with image

After two days of LONG talks, we are very excited to announce that today Amy and I signed with Jo Schaffer of Gandolfo Helin Literary Management. Jo specializes in all things YA and has amazing ideas to bring to this book.

I am kind of flipping out a little.  Neither one of us thought anything like this would happen (if we had, we certainly wouldn’t have marked the heck out of it! haha)

So what does this mean for Netherworld?  With the great expertise that GH Literary brings to the table and their industry connections, Netherworld has already found a home with a traditional publishing house! As you can imagine, we are both surprised and thrilled with this opportunity. 

This does mean that the arrival of Netherworld has been delayed a tad. As you know, it was set to release August 5th, 2014.  With the revisions we are making to strengthen the book, the release will be put back to a later date (but not too far off!).

We know this is last minute, neither of us could have anticipated such an amazing offerNetherworld IS coming, just a little later, and it will be bigger and better!


Danielle Bannister, Author and Agent Represented! (Holy Cow!)

ARC winner and give away #14 in the Countdown to Netherworld

Ok, so thank you all for sharing the trailer yesterday, it’s gotten over 200 views, which is amazing for only two days being live.


If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look:


The winner of the ARC is………….. E.J. Fechenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  message me at with your email address and e-format preferred.


Ok, up next, one of the five remaining pairs of earrings.

five left


How do you enter:

Just share one of these two images on twitter or facebook and tag me. Easy



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Give away #13 in the countdown to Netherworld’s release

Apparently the last give away was lame as only two of you entered. Bawhah. So Tia and Jenn, I will write each of you a story.


HOPEFULLY, you’ll like this one better. For a chance at an ARC of NETHERWORLD (Advanced Reader Copy) we are asking that you share the book trailer which is embedded here.  Just share it somewhere and tag me, and you are in to win the story before anyone else (except for a small few)! Is THAT a good prize???

Here is the trailer link (if you haven’t seen it yet, my boyfriend created it for us and that is my voice in the background) I hate hearing my voice but I think it works for this…

Two links to try (some need the longer links for older computers)

(shorter link)


(longer link)


So that’s it, share and tag, and you may just win!



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Better late than never? Give Away #12 in the countdown to Netherworld

I swear, the days just slip right through my hands!  I don’t know how to stop it! Sigh. Thank you for having patience with me (those of you who are actually following me still on this giveaway countdown to Netherworld’s official release–Aug 5th)


Anywho, the winner of the earring pair of choice is……………


TIA MILLER!!!!!! Woot Woot!


If any one is curious, this was how the poll came out. I have to admit, I was surprised.

poll results

It brings me much comfort seeing it though. Although I know all of these are a factor in your decision to buy a book, it’s nice to know that the actual plot is what you look for first. Gave me the warm fuzzies.


What’s up next for a prize?  A short story that I write according to the winner’s ideas. You tell me a name, or a location, SOMETHING, and I will write the winner a story about that.

(Is that a good prize or a lame prize? )


To win, just share this blog page and either comment here or on fb that you’ve done it. Easy?  Hopefully.

Here is the obligatory NETHERWORLD teaser image:

postcard back side with image

And follow up pre-Order links:


Banshees are forbidden to mingle with the humans.

What happens when she follows her heart instead of the rules?

A new novel by Amy Miles and Danielle Bannister

Releases August 5, 2014




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