When did writing get so ‘technical’?

When I started writing my novel Pulled a few years ago, I thought I was pretty technologically savvy. I could navigate around the web, understood what a hyperlink was (even if I hadn’t learned how to create them yet).  I read blogs and viewed people’s self generated web sites.  Now that the book is out and ready for consumption, the world I knew so much about, has exploded. Yeah, kinda like this.

Suddenly, if you want to publish your book you don’t just visit a few book stores and get it on Amazon.  Oh no.  You have to know the ins and outs of the inter-web.

Here is a brief list of the thinks I’ve had to self-teach myself how to do in order to get my book into as many hands as I am currently knowledgeable enough to handle.

1. Create a Facebook Page

2. Learn how to use Createspace.com

3. Format a word doc into a pdf.

4. Format a pdf into a kindle html file (not an easy task)

5. Create a blog (it’s a work in progress)

6. Market myself on both facebook pages.

7. Ask people to review my book on-line. (nail bitter)

Things yet to learn:

1. Create an e-store through create space (does anyone even shop there?)

2. Become a ‘guest blogger’ (still nervous about that idea)

3. Create a video teaser of my book (how the heck am I supposed to do that?)

4. Actually find an effective way to sell my books!  *sigh*

Any self published authors out there?  What have you had to master to get your book out there?


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