Rock the Vote!

Starting November first, I’ll be participating in Nanowrimo a web site devoted to getting people to write a 50,000 word novel in one month.  A lot of debate has been made over the validity of participating in such an insane project.  Nay sayers argue that although it IS possible to write 50,000 in a month, it is NOT possible to call that work a completed novel.  To them I say, DUH!  This is an exercise in discipline.  To commit to doing something this epic and having a skeleton of something or nothing at the end of November.  Do I think what I work on during November is a finished work?  Hells no!  But has it been helpful to me as a writer?  Absolutely.

So now the question becomes, what do I devote the month too?  According to Nanowrimo, you should work on something brand spanking new.  But as I said above, to me, this month is more an exercise for the writer, so that rule shouldn’t apply in my opinion.  50,000 words, is 50,000 words after all.

Therefore, I’m seeking your opinion, dear reader.  What do YOU think I should write about.  Take the poll below to let me know.



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