and the Winner is….

I asked what to write for Nanowrimo and you answered.  You want the sequel to Pulled. So be it.

If you’ve never done Nanowrimo before (50,000 words in the month of November) it can seem crazy.  And it is.  Will what I vomit out at the end of November be a finished novel?  No. No where even close.  Will I make up garbage just to make the word count goal?  No.  I’m vowing this year not to write crap.  If that means I sacrifice ‘winning’ nanowrimo and reaching the goal, fine.  But at least I won’t end the month with nothing but a toss-able, incoherent, not worth the time to even edit ‘novel.’  It’s not about the word count people.  It’s about the motivation to get my butt writing.

Follow ‘da Rules and you’ll be fine.

Bring it Nanowrimo.  Bring it.


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