It takes money to make money, which is why I’m still poor.

One thing I didn’t realize when I self published my novel ‘Pulled’ was that I should have waited to ‘publish’ it  until after I’d won the lottery. I mean, seriously, it costs MONEY to do this stuff!

For instance, ideally, I would have paid an editor to review my manuscript before publishing, but alas, feeding my kids had to come first. So instead I relied heavily on the handful of Beta Readers I finagled into editing it.

Then it takes 2 months before you get a check from Amazon for the tiny profit you get after printing and marketing costs.  Then what do I do with those profits?  Bought more copies of my book to try and sell.  Of course, I may have made a tad more money if I didn’t give over HALF of those copies away to people.  But I couldn’t stop myself.  I want people to read my book, and if they aren’t going to buy it, then I have to give it to them, don’t I?

It’s now November. It marks the 3rd month that my book has been available, and I fear it may be the end of the road.  Not a single sale in print or e-copies this month.  *sigh*

Is this the end of the road for "Pulled'?

I’ve scrapped together any money I could in order to get 12 more author copies in a vain attempt to try and pull off an author signing somewhere, but will need more than 12 to do that.  It may take me several more months to get together that much money again.

So in the meantime, I need to go dig for change in my sofa in order to purchase this week’s lotto ticket. You never know, this  could be THE one.



2 thoughts on “It takes money to make money, which is why I’m still poor.”

  1. Beginning a career as an Author is an uphill battle. People don’t know your name, haven’t read your book, and even if they do they probably won’t even share their opinions as an official review. The life of a writer is tough.

    But there’s another word for perseverance in my dictionary- published.

    Take a moment to be grateful for what you’ve already accomplished. You set out to write a book and a did, an enjoyable one I might add. That’s more than most people will do. Now you just need to dig in a do the hard grueling work of self promotion, every day to everyone you meet. It’s rough but you’re the only one that’s gonna do it.

    Statistics show that most writers will only sell 100 books and then quit. Why? They ran out of friends and family who were kind enough to support you. Then what happens? You stop promoting and voila…you become convinced that you aren’t good enough. NOT TRUE!

    You’re a good writer Danielle. Keep going! And get that sequel done! I want to read Pulled Back!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Amy, and your encouragement. It is frustrating to put so much effort into something and then to watch it fizzle. However, I’m far from over in my promotion. I don’t give up that quickly. Just feeling the initial campaign die out. Now comes the harder stuff. The really pushing yourself. Not one of my strong suits. Couple my frustration with an empty bank account and it does leave one feeling a little helpless to do any good promotion.

      You’re sweet to push me. I need that every now again. 🙂

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