When your characters won’t cooperate

I’ve been stuck on the same scene asinine in my sequel for the last week and it’s all my main character’s fault. You see, she won’t say what I want her to say, and when I force her tongue, it sounds vile and pedestrian. The type of crap writing you don’t want even your relatives to read. It’s very aggravating.

WHY is my main character behaving so rebelliously, you ask?

‘Cause she’s right and I’m wrong. Obviously.

I keep trying to shove thoughts into her head when she doesn’t want to think them, or say them, or feel them. Instead she digs her feet into the dirt and won’t budge until I get it right. She has a better idea, you see.  She just hasn’t told me what that master plan is yet. So what’s a writer to do?

Wait. Impatiently, until she’s ready.

Are you ready now? How about now? Now?

Now, I know this about my writing. I know that my characters WILL put up a fight if I try to force feed the story, but still I try it time and again hoping this time, maybe I’d sneak one by them. They’re not stupid, however. They see through me every time.It’s pathetic, really.

Fine. Have it your way.  While you, dear main character, ponder your next move, I’ll be tackling the laundry.


2 thoughts on “When your characters won’t cooperate”

  1. Civilization is a long long chain of events, people, places, things like literature and art and industry. The weakest link in this chain is words.

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