Saturday’s the big day….

Tomorrow, Saturday, January 28, 2012, I will attend my FIRST EVER BOOK SIGNING at Mr.Paperback here in Belfast, Maine. And what, do you ask, am I doing to prepare for such a momentous occasion?

or stand, or sneeze, or talk, or breath

Loading up on muscle relaxers in a feeble attempt to be able to actually walk to the event tomorrow. Yes, I did it again. I’ve thrown my back out. This is day three of my recovery so I SHOULD be able to walk without extreme pain by tomorrow. But to be safe, I’m taking it easy by staying in bed today and resting.

To most people, this would be heaven, to be given a bed rest mandate. But I, however, am not the type of person who likes to be idle.  I am a woman in constant motion and this sitting around all day is driving me nuts. (I am enjoying how much my dear hubby is helping out around the house, though).

The day is not a total loss, however.  During non-drug induced moments, I’m working on my sequel. I’m also catching up on reading over other writer’s materials. (I’m looking at you, Amy). I can still be productive on my big butt!

So to all those ready to support me at the signing tomorrow, my cane and I will be there!


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