And the winner is…

You like them! You really like them. By a unanimous vote, the occasional entries of blogs written in the POV of some of my characters stay.

I want to thank R.J. Keller for all her support...

Today won’t be such a post, because I’ll be honest, those types of posts take some thought and creativity, and frankly today, I’m too sick to do any of those things.  I won’t bore you with what ails me, because the list is too stinking long at the moment, but I will say that it’s MESSING UP MY CREATIVE FLOW. Me no likey.

I did have enough energy to tweak the blog’s appearance. What do we think? Love it or hate it? Can you even tell those are Swedish Fish in the background?

All I can say is that this ‘sickness’ better be over by Saturday. I have a date with some curly fries and my friend Kari, and we are not postponing it AGAIN. Got that stomach!

You-Me-Saturday. Bring some ketchup.

3 thoughts on “And the winner is…”

  1. Fish, really? Hmm…wouldn’t have guessed that. I figured with the color you were going for a Valentine’s day theme. I like it though.

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