Hospitals aren’t as fun as they sound

So, I’ve been out of the loop with my posts because I just had a weekend stay at our local hospital. Grrr.  I have a chronic illness and was too stubborn to notice that I was getting severely dehydrated. My body finally gave up, and I was sent to the ER for a few bags of IV fluid. After 4 bags, however, and still no improvement, they were forced to admit me. 10 bags of fluid and a whole slew of meds to fight off an infection I had, I was finally sent home two days later.

Recovery, has been slower than I would have hoped. While plugged in at the hospital, I couldn’t help but envision all the work piling up at home; housework, grad school work, writing, plays to start learning lines for, not to mention the stuff I need to do for my work at home job. But I soothed myself by saying on Monday, I’d be able to get back into the swing of things and catch up.

I was wrong. Although I can walk now, I’m still weak and in pain. Not intense pain, but just enough pain to not allow you to focus on anything else. So I take pain meds, which leave me sleepy and loopy. Not ideal when you need all your brain cells in order to ‘catch up.’

It’s now Thursday, and my big adventure today will be trying to go grocery shopping. After which, I will probably need to nap for the rest of the day. Not cool. I don’t do ‘resting’ well. There is too much to do.

So now I’m asking you all. What do you do when you are forced to rest and don’t wanna?



1 thought on “Hospitals aren’t as fun as they sound”

  1. I write. But then again I do that all the time so that’s not really much different. Haha. But I’m good at resting. I love taking long naps. I love snuggling up on the couch and doing nothing for hours. Laundry? Oh yeah, it can sit for a while longer. Dishes? Why won’t they wash themselves for once? Everything else doesn’t really matter when you are sick. Stress is the biggest reason why it takes LONGER to heal. Chill out. Dig through your pantry for another day if you need to. Focus on getting better. If you push too soon you will just relapse and darn it I want to read more of Pulled Back!

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