My assignment…should I choose to accept it.

Along with another writer friend of mine, Amy Miles, we have paired up to create our weekly “Writer’s Homework.”  Since we are both self-published authors and both trying to figure this thing out as we go, we thought our two heads were better than one.  The first thing we decided we needed was a schedule.  Now I’m a VERY anal and organized person. I LOVE to plan.  It’s the follow through I tend to suck at. So this could be interesting.  Individually, we gave ourselves a writing chore to do each week.  Mine is as follows:


Monday: Update Blog (One down!) and write for 2 hours.

Tuesday: Write 2 hours/Read 1 hour (cause let’s face it, we learn the most when we read)

Wednesday: Marketing/Free write (nothing for sequel–just for fun!)

Thursday: Write 2 hours/Read 1 hour

Friday: Write 2 hours/Read 1 hour

Saturday: We’ll review a piece of writing for the other.


It may not seem like a very ambitious list, but also remember, I work two part-time jobs, have two children and a home to keep clean.


The only question remains, is, will I have the will power to keep it up?





4 thoughts on “My assignment…should I choose to accept it.”

  1. You don’t need willpower. You need a cow prod from your dear friend, who WON’T let you slide an inch 🙂

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