I guess I was wrong. There I said it.

It’s not often that I will admit that I’m wrong. (Just ask  my hubby) but today I am admitting it freely. I was wrong. (I’ll give you a moment to pick your jaws up off the floor.)

My typical stance on being wrong

Back in November of last year, I posted this lovely post.  In it, I had wondered aloud if this was the ‘end of the road’ for Pulled (which you can purchase for only .99 cents on  Kindle here or $9.99 paperback here, or FREE here).


At that time, sales of my novel had stalled.  The initial rush of friends and family who had been waiting to purchase my first novel had passed and now it was just the general public left to buy some book by a first time author they’d never heard of.  Now I wasn’t assuming that as soon as I put my novel on Amazon things would explode, but I didn’t think sales would just stop all together, which is, essentially, what they did.  On that dark day in November, I had a moment of weakness and blogged about it.


Fortunately for me, my dear friend Amy Miles, a fellow YA writer, told me not to give up. That most first time authors do just what I was about to do and stop pushing their book after the first 100 copies (or after everyone you know has bought a book from you), and then their book dies.  I didn’t want that to happen with Pulled, and Amy’s sage advise kicked me in the arse.


And it hit me.  No one was going to marked this book besides me. So my education in self promotion began.  I started bloging more. I subscribed to Writer’s Digest (and awesome magazine if you write!) I started submitting my work into contests (Hello Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award!), contacting my local newspapers, doing book signings, handing out copies to my local libraries, placing an add on Goodreads and giving out over 5,500 free copes of my book just to get the word out.


I won’t lie, being you’re own marketing person is NOT easy, and I still have no idea what I’m doing, but at least I’m doing something. And you know what? It’s working.  Sales aren’t off the charts, but they are no longer stagnant either. Every day since I started pushing my book I’ve sold at least one new copy a day, and that, for now, is enough for this first time writer.


12 thoughts on “I guess I was wrong. There I said it.”

  1. Is this the part where I get to say “I told you so?”
    Either way, I gotta say how proud I am that you stuck with it. You are talented, I didn’t want to see you just give up so easily. People think that as soon as you publish your first book that you’ve hit it big and the money will start rolling in. Perhaps for some this is a reality, but for most you have to establish yourself as a writer. That takes time, effort and a whole heck of a lot of heartache. But it not only makes you a stronger writer, but also a stronger person.
    No matter what happens in life, don’t give up writing! (I won’t let you)

  2. You’re allowed to be wrong once in a while. 😉 The great thing is the more you promote your book, the more people will become aware of it, and the more those people will spread the word. It really is a snowball affect.

  3. Everything you are doing to promote your book is right. The only thing you can hope for now is that the God of Good Fortune will strike you with a lightning bolt of luck.

  4. You’re doing amazing! Between you and RJ, you’re giving me the inspiration to try this myself… (and I’m no expert, but if you ever want some help coming up with some marketing ideas, let me know!)

  5. I’ve said it before and I will say it again,,,I am not surprised…delighted, maybe…but not surprised

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