The Good, the Bad and The Ugly: Full Disclosure

Something you learn in life, is that you can’t please everyone. This holds true for novel writing too.  In an effort to give my readers full disclosure, I am about to share with you some of my reviews. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Let’s start with The Good.  As of today, I have 4.6 rating at amazon with a total of 31 reviews. Of those 31 reviews, 24 of them are 5 stars, and 5 are 4 stars; leaving 2 1 star reviews (I’ll get to those in a minute).  All and all, not too shabby.  I’ll post just the latest 5 star review:

Loved it! I lent it to my friend and we read it in a day. We absolutely could not put it down. Gripping story based on the Shakespeare Classic. The epilogue was a HUGE cliffhanger!!!!!! Great job Danielle, so excited for your next book!

Couple that review with the fact that I just gave away 11,017 FREE copies of the kindle version (double what I gave away during my last 3 day give away) and I’m feeling groovy.


Then we get The Bad

I am not as techno savy as I think I am.  Somehow, when monkeying around in the Amazon Author world, I managed to ‘publish’ the DRAFT version of Pulled along side the final version.  Don’t ask me how, I still don’t know what I did.  It takes 12 hours for them to ‘publish’ the book before it goes ‘live’ whatever that means, so until then I can’t delete the stupid thing!!!  I’m refreshing the site every 5 minutes so I can take down the draft before anyone can buy it. I’m such an idiot!


It was after discovering my epic tech failure that I read my latest 1 star review.  This would be The Ugly. Brace yourselves. It’s not pretty.

This is a putrid book. Misspellings and typos are an issue, but more important than that is the fact that the characters, setting and plot are just horrible.
In short, this is a poor man’s Twilight. Comparing Pulled to Twilight is like comparing Two Buck Chuck to a pricey fine wine. Both are made from the same ingredients, but only one is worth consumption.


Not going to lie. That hurt.

Any other writers out their get some harsh reviews that you’d care to share?  Can’t be any worse than mine.





4 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and The Ugly: Full Disclosure”

      1. Regarding their publishing the draft version, I would send them a Help letter right away explaining the problem and asking them if they can solve it. I have found their Help people to be very responsive, very quick and very accurate. I’m sure that’s because they are mostly young folks working behind computers in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.
        Regarding the negative reviews, do the two words “Fk em” mean anything to you? They are not criticizing your book; they are criticizing their own fkng life, and I’m sure they do this with everything. Ignore them. As you know, I’m an atheist, but even still I’m hoping that Satan will give them a suitable “reward” when they get there.
        Stephen Allen

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