Have you ever…?

Just curious. Have you ever asked for a refund for an e-book.  If so…Why?

I’m not just asking because I’ve had a small few ‘refunded,’ I’ve just never been the type to try and return a book.  Once you’ve cracked the spine or had your eyes look at the download, it’s yours, right?.  Apparently not though. So, I’m left wondering if any of you have returned an e-book and of course, WHY.

Come on, fess up!  I won’t judge you.

Much. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Have you ever…?”

  1. Never asked for a refund and never will. If I accidentally hit purchase instead of sample then it’s my fault, right? Either way, I’ve had a handful of returns as well but since I haven’t had any “your book sucks” reviews in a while I assume it was just a clicking error. Either way, I know not everyone will like my style and I’m totally ok with that.

      1. Of course not. When you are infallible, it’s hard to think like the other side 🙂

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