Did someone steal my writing time???

If you are currently holding my writing time hostage, I’d kinda like it back. Please?


Remember just a few days ago when I said I’d write a thousand words a day, 5 days a week for the rest of my life?   You don’t?  Well, I boasted about it how I was going to be this great writer and do this here in this post. Feel free to mock me now.


Turns out, writing 1000 words of whatever your current project happens to be– is really stinking hard to do!   (Unless of course you count facebook posts, which you’re not supposed to….meany heads)


The first few days were a breeze. I would pat myself on the shoulder thinking how simple this whole thing was. 1000 in a day, no prob. I was a writer, after all!


Then, reality set in.  Without my giving consent, suddenly there were errands that needed running, work that needed doing, a cat that needed TLC and laundry that stank to the high heavens.


Today, for instance, is a good example of how my time is stolen. In theory, it being a school day, I should have had 6 blissful hours of writing time while the children were gone. 6 HOURS!  I should have had plenty of time to get a measly 1000 words in right?




After I dropped off my kiddos at 8:30, I had to rush to my real job (you know, the one that actually pays me more than .35 cents a day for my novel) for a meeting until 11:00, then I had to go grocery shopping.  That’s 2 hours right there: shopping and unloading.  That brings us to 1:00.  Still, a good few hours before I had to get the kids. Plenty of time.  That’s when the stomach growls. And not just a little rumble that says, ‘boy I could go for a snack.’  No this was the ‘I will stab someone in the eyeball  if I don’t eat NOW!’  So, I multitask and inhale lunch while I toss the laundry and dishes into their cleany thingys,(technical term). This brings us to 1:30. I’ve still got an hour. But that’s when the doorbell rings. It’s the post man, or woman–hard to say.  He/She’s got a package. For me?


Aren’t they pretty? So I spend the little time I had left to admire said package and wonder who I’ll send the postcards too.


Then, before I know it, my 6 hours of writing time is gone. Poof.


No fair.


Okay, maybe I could have not chatted on facebook for the last hour of the day, but that was writing related. Sort of….


2 thoughts on “Did someone steal my writing time???”

  1. Got your postcard today!!! I miss you too! So excited to learn the book is finished, and I guess I’m assuming it’s the one you gave me a chapter or two to read? Can’t wait to find a copy and maybe have the author sign it!!! Remember all the little people when you get famous! Love ya, kiss the kids. xxoo

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