Coming up short?

I made a startling discovery today.  While writing what I assumed will  be the climax of my sequel, I thought I’d just check my word count to find out approximately where I stood in comparison to the length of Pulled.


Pulled is 61,026, or,241 8 1/2 by 11 pages

Pulled Back (which I may change to Pulled Again….fair warning) is currently 38,190, or, 156 8 1/2 pages. I’m guessing it will be around 200 pages by the time I have the first draft done.

close, but no cigar

At first I was horrified that the word counts were so different. I’d thought I was close to the end, but judging by the numbers, I still had a LONG way to go. How could I have been working so long on this thing and not even be anywhere close to the same length as my first novel. HOW???? It was extremely frustrating.

Basically this.



But then I had to remind myself of the first time I went back and revised Chapter One of said sequel (whose name I can’t decide on). I’d added easily 2-3 pages during one re-write.  I have to keep telling myself that what I’m writing now is the BONES of the novel; that the layers of muscle and skin will come later, (gross analogy) once I know where this story is taking me (which believe me is the funnest part of being a writer–going on the trip).


Time, I think, is a curse to all writers (save the very famous ones who have ‘people’ to do their laundry and cleaning). There is never enough of it and so we therefore must curse ourselves for how long it takes for us to produce a finished work. We forget that we are also trying to live lives, clean houses, care for children and spouses, and sleep (highly overrated, I know).


It is clear that I’ve forgotten my own advise.  I’m not superwoman (even though the boots would be kick-ass!). I’m just a working mom trying to write a book for her few fans out there, and begging that they have the patience to wait for it to come to life.





3 thoughts on “Coming up short?”

  1. The great thing, if you plan to self-publish again, is that word count doesn’t really matter all that much. Post it as a novella and you will be fine!

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