It’s done, it’s done!!! Kinda, sorta…okay, not really.

Today I finished the first draft of Pulled Back!

Can I get a Woot! Woot?

Unlike Pulled, I didn’t see this ending coming so it was hard for me to predict when the actual end would happen. However over the last few days of writing, I knew I was close. I just hadn’t realized it was going to happen quite so fast.

Of course, now comes the painstaking task of editing said draft into something  the rest of the world can comprehend.  Not my favorite part of the process, but one that needs to be done.  Much like changing diapers.

Time to edit out the crap

Sigh.  At least it’s progress, right????


Isn’t it pretty?

3 thoughts on “It’s done, it’s done!!! Kinda, sorta…okay, not really.”

  1. Nice! Do you hit that last period key extra hard and pump your fists? Yeah, me neither. Wait…oh yeah I do. Congratulations. Can’t wait to read it!

  2. I’ll start really digging into your rough draft on Thursday. Tonight I’m gonna try to squeeze in a bit of writing and then tomorrow is DAUGHTRY! AAHH!!! I can’t wait. BUT I’m gonna try to sneak in a chapter or two of yours in there somewhere tomorrow 🙂

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