A writer in a coffee shop

Today, I will be the cliche.  I will be at a writer’s workshop held a local coffee shop where I will have a mocha latte, thank you very much.

mmmmmm, coffee…..

We will share our work and make comments and live the ‘writer’s life.’ Granted our writer’s group consist of only 3 people, but we’ve only just started.  Who knows, in a year, we may be up to 4! Ha!

You may wonder if I’ll be sharing work from the sequel.  I’m not. That is a beast I need to work on alone for a bit.  What I AM sharing is a short story I’ve been working on and off on for the last year or so, called Swivel. After I get some feedback today, I’ll post a sample of it for you to read.  (Presumptuous of me to assume you’ll want to read it, I know)

As a side note, Pulled is available again today for free if you have a kindle.  You can get it here.


3 thoughts on “A writer in a coffee shop”

  1. Let me know how your meeting goes. Still bummed we had to cancel mine. But with everything else going on right now, it probably wasn’t a bad idea. Gonna try to finish up my notes on your prologue today. Yet another hectic day. Blah

  2. I stayed up til 1:30 am to finish reading Pulled..it was the best..as I expected 🙂 And of course, being the impatient person I am, I am now drumming my fingers on the table waiting for the sequel..love to the kids and Jason, Martin says hi. Love ya, Me xox

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