Thank you

I wanted to use this post as a quick shout out to ‘Pam’ a fan on Amazon who left this post on the discussion board for Pulled when I told her that I would be writing a sequel to Pulled and that I’d be updating the progress of that on this blog. I woke up to find this in my in box:


Pam says:

Yay!! I also just read your short story, and have bookmarked your site. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more from you very soon. =)


It’s comments like this that keep a writer going on days when they are feeling a little less than confident in their writing (like now) so Pam, thank you. I needed that.  Now back to writing.


COMING SOON: My Author interview with Maine novelist, R.J. Keller.


I'm a work at home mom currently raising two small children all while working on lots of new novels

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5 comments on “Thank you
  1. Amy Miles says:

    That’s awesome! It is so wonderful to hear positive feedback!

  2. Pam Bryant-Schropshier says:

    Wow! That’s so nice of you, thanks! I’m glad I helped, but never, ever doubt yourself – although I guess that’s easier said than done sometimes. =)

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