Meet another Maine Author

Today we’re gonna do something a little different. I just happen to be friends with a few pretty cool authors. Each of whom have helped me in their own way with this whole self-publishing business and I thought, self, why not pay it forward a little and introduce my followers to these lovely hard working authors?

First up is R.J. Keller. She was the first ‘real’ author I’d ever met. We did a play together and kind of developed a bit of a fan-girl crush on her after reading her FABULOUS first novel: Waiting for Spring. It’s available in Paperback, Kindle AND an Audio version that will be available this December. Wow. See why I have a crush on her?

She’s agreed to give away FOR FREE either a print or e-copy of Waiting For Spring to one lucky reader who leaves a comment below. I’ll have my kiddos pick a name at random. How cool is that?

Here’s what the wonderful R.J. Keller had to say when we chatted.

Now that it’s done, published and out there, if you had to do it all over again, would you change anything about Waiting For Spring?

That’s a difficult question to answer. I started writing Waiting For Spring over six years ago. It’s been published (in one form or another) for about four years now. I’ve changed a lot since then, both personally and as a writer, so I’m sure there are things I’d change if I looked at it with that idea in mind. But I think that’s counter-productive. We all have to move forward, not back. Besides, I’m very happy with the novel as it stands and would never pull a George Lucas.

Ha! That’s how I feel with Pulled. For me, I wished I had hired a professional editor. I’ll definitely do it with my sequel. Speaking of sequels, have YOU ever considered writing a sequel to Waiting For Spring? (If I begged would it help?)

Not a true sequel, no. I am currently working on a companion/prequel that focuses on Brian’s parents, Rick and Wendy, and you’ll see bits of Tess and Brian in that. But I have no plans on visiting what happens to Tess and Brian after the events that take place in Waiting For Spring. Their story is complete.

I understand that really well. Sometimes, the story is just done, even if people want more (like me). But at least we all have something to look forward to with Rick and Wendy. (R.J. is currently working on their story and it will be called The Wendy House)

Okay, here’s a tough question. Describe Waiting For Spring in one word.

Sexysadrealhopeful. (I’m pretty sure that’s a word.)

It’s a GREAT word! In your novel, your main character,Tess, spends a lot of time counting her steps in the book. Would you consider her to suffer from Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder?

That wasn’t my intention. Tess generally spends the book trying to distract herself from unpleasantness. Counting her steps is one of her more immediate forms of distractions (as she walks away from divorce court, for example) as opposed to her use of alcohol, drugs, and sex, which all require a little bit of time and planning. I also thought it was an interesting metaphor for the way she lives her life. Writers are annoying like that.

We are, aren’t we? You’ve been at this writing thing for awhile. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

“Take your work seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously.” Also, “Life is too short to say no to pie.” I think I gave myself that last piece of advice, though, so it probably doesn’t count.

Ha! It counts double!

If you want to learn more about R.J. visit one of the links below.  For a chance to win her book, just leave a comment and I’ll be in touch with the winner.  Seriously, just say ‘hi’ and you’re in it to win it.


R.J. Keller, writer

10 thoughts on “Meet another Maine Author”

  1. Great interview Danielle. You don’t have to enter me in the contest though. I couldn’t wait and downloaded it already. Sounds really good.

  2. Sounds like a good book…I will definitely check it out. (Make sure you tell the kids I used to be the babysitter 🙂

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