And the Winner is….

TERESA. My daughter, using the never fail method of eenie meenie miney mo, picked Teresa’s name out of the names entered. Teresa, just let me know what format you want the book, and I’ll make sure R.J. get’s it to you.

I’ll have you know I held my own name out of the drawing, which was hard, since I do not own a copy but rather had to borrow a copy to read. Sigh. Someday, R.J., someday.

In other news, the black out is over and I was able to write ALL DAY. It was SOOOOOOOOOO hard not to sneak on-line (so hard that I may have cheated a few times–I said MAY have). But, the black out allowed me to get a TON of new storyline down and make the story line so much deeper than it was. This is the beauty of re-writes. I do feel bad for my beta readers who will have to erase their brains again before reading this draft. I’ve warned them this would happen, and STILL they insist on reading the crappy drafts. THAT’s dedication people!


2 thoughts on “And the Winner is….”

  1. Even your crappy drafts are worth the time, and besides, it allows we Betas to watch the evolution of your process…so there!

  2. I agree. Without that development we can’t see how far you have come. Bring on the crappy drafts!

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