I got kicked out, and I liked it.

I was kicked out of my own house today by my husband.

I said ‘out!’


See, normally when the kiddos are home, I write in my bedroom, with the idea being that I can just lock myself in and no one will bother me.  Never once have I actually been left uninterrupted.  They try, but they’re kids and they just can’t help but be loud and clingy. And of course, I feel guilty when I hear them whine to their father about when mommy is coming out of her room.


Now my husband, who is far wiser than I, has been telling me for years that I need to get out of the house when I write. But the “Practical Danielle” always sticks her nose in and moans that it’s not worth the cost of gas to drive all the way into town to a coffee shop or library. But today was different. School is out, and  because of all the ‘end of school madness,’ I hadn’t written in days. DAYS people! So when my hubby suggested I head to the library this afternoon to write, my characters practically picked me up and dragged me out of the house.

Writer lady, you’re coming with me, ya hear?

Once I sat down in the empty third floor of the library, new story lines and plot twists poured out. The ‘good stuff’ I’d been waiting to fall in love with, finally showed up! Scenes that wrote themselves, lines I could hear being spoken…ahh it was a thing of beauty.


Now the trick will be convincing my hubby that I need to do this EVERYDAY during summer break… That may be a bit harder. I’m open to any and all suggestions.


2 thoughts on “I got kicked out, and I liked it.”

  1. Hmm. I can see how this might be a difficult thing to accomplish. As you know, I adored my 3 hour library sessions while my little man was at pre-K. Summer is turning out to be rather difficult for me, writing wise. That’s why I installed my “rest time” each afternoon. I have designated 1 hour of “rest time” and then 1 hour of play time in which mommy is not to be disturbed. It doesn’t always work out, and to be honest, most days I’m lucky to get my full hour, but it’s hard with so much going on. But I grab a notebook and head to the pool each afternoon and sometimes manage to write. That’s even getting hard for me since I know SO many people there. Don’t they know I’m an introvert that needs time to write? Blah. People! Haha

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