Green with envy

I writer friend of mine (I’m looking at you R.J. Keller) just posted on facebook that she’s quit her day job so she can be a full time writer.


Jealous much?

’nuff said


Now don’t get me wrong, I love my part time job. I love that I only HAVE to work a part time job to live in the ‘lack of luxury’ we currently live in. But man, wouldn’t it be nice to only have to write?  Picture it, you wake up, get the kiddos breakfast, fill your mug with coffee, then head into your ‘office’ and work 9-5 on your manuscript. Can ya see it?

Me. Want. One.

ah…nice dream.  R.J., you’ll have to tell me the reality once you live it, kay?


In the meantime, I’ll have to content myself with throwing food at my children before I sneak into my home office (bedroom) to get a few uninterrupted sentences in.  Just writing this blog, (all of 250 words) I’ve heard ‘mom’ no less than 7 8 times.  Reaching 1,000 words a day is therefore…challenging.


So, as soon as I fold this mountainous pile of laundry, pick my hubby up from kayaking, do the dishes, make lunches and make sure my kids do their summer school work, I might be able to sneak in some writing time. Maybe.




2 thoughts on “Green with envy”

  1. I saw R.J.’s post but didn’t realize that she did it to write full time. What courage. R.J., you are my new hero.

  2. Thanks Danielle, and thanks Jay! I’m rather fortunate in that my husband’s full time job provides our family’s NEEDS list. I’m also fortunate that my kids are cool with cutting down on many of the stuff on the WANTS list. I wouldn’t be doing this without their support and love.

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