My sequel just went from PG-13 to R. Ooops.



So there I was, just typing away leaning my head slightly to the right (to hear my characters demands being whispered in my ears better), when all of the sudden, one of my main characters gets… horny (I’m blushing just typing this word!) My fingers fly across the board trying to keep up with what she has in mind and I can’t help but think:  I can’t write that!  MY PARENTS ARE GONNA READ THIS!!!!

um… the devil made me do it?


Now the scene in question is no Fifty Shades of Grey or my dear friend, R.J. Keller’s, Waiting for Spring, but it did make me get red in the face just thinking about my dad reading it.  Oh dear.


Fellow writers: What do you do in this situation? Pretend like you don’t have parents? Use a pen name? Or do you stick your head up high and say, “Yes, I wrote that questionable values scene, and I may just write a few more!”


Yeah, I think so too.  I think I’ll go write those now.    🙂


Coming Friday: My interview with writer and super-duper friend, Amy Miles of the book, Forbidden, currently sitting in kindle’s top 100 shelves.





5 thoughts on “My sequel just went from PG-13 to R. Ooops.”

  1. If you are going to write about “real” life, you have to get past the “moral dilema” and remember that “real” life is a dirty stinking mess…

  2. Morally speaking, society is far more accepting/expecting of said sex scenes in books these days. Sex sells. My opinion, although I will never write one for any of my books (bible thumper over here haha) you have to write what comes naturally to you. If this is what you feel your book needs then go for it. As for your parents…you’re on your own. I wouldn’t want mine reading anything like that. But then again…that would be completely unnatural for me to do so.

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