The ugly truth

Here it is folks.  The Ugly Truth.


Seriously though. I’m a tad disheartened. I know most of you wont believe this, but being a self-published author doesn’t pay well. Okay, ALL of you believe it. Quiet.  Go with it.

When I wrote Pulled, I never anticipated that it would become a story, let alone a book. I mean. let’s face it. I  didn’t exactly go to school for this sort of thing. What made me think I could write a book anyway? But I did.  And I liked it. A lot. So with a ton of nudging from some friends (I’m looking at you Kari) I published it on Createspace. Mostly so that I could see all my years of hard work in a final product and to be able to give out some copies as Christmas gifts. Then something strange happen.  People OTHER THAN MY FAMILY started reading, liking and reviewing my book.  For example:

“Wow…*loved* this book! The story is crafted in such an amazing way. There are very few books that I just can’t put down, and this was one of them. The characters are fascinating and very well-developed; and the story is joyful, heart-wrenching, and completely compelling/consuming all at once. This story will touch my heart and make me think deeply about human relationships for a long time. I can’t wait for the next book to come out. Thank you, Ms. Bannister!!”

I don’t know this person! Yet they went out of their way not only to post this review, but to contact me privately to thank me for writing this book. And they aren’t the only one. There have been others. It’s so amazing!

So , how can you ask, can I be disheartened?  Because I need 4 new tires for my car to pass inspection and I may have to sell an organ to get them.  (Googling now which organs are non-essential.)  What about your book sales, you ask?  Go on. Ask it.  I’ll wait.  The real Ugly Truth is that I’ve made, on average, about buck a book.  A buck.  And I’ve only sold about 500 copies.  I’m not good at math and even I know that isn’t great.  Any profit gets dumped into a business account to pay for, wait for it…more books. It’s a vicious cycle.


Will I continue to keep writing? You betcha. But I can certainly see why so many others give up after one book. This is HARD work.


5 thoughts on “The ugly truth”

  1. Somebody needs more swedish fish! It sucks to do what you love and then not be compensated for it. I understand, (you know the whole home school mom thing pays loads!). I’m glad you’re going to keep writing…it’s very important that you do. “IT” will happen, you just have to keep going. *hugs*

  2. Money is a lovely commodity, but knowing YOU believed in yourself enough to take this risk, is what counts, Danielle. Read through your reviews to remember why other people think you should continue writing. You have Fans, my dear. Fans!
    It’s hard to get through those dry spells. And they will happen to every author. Keep your chin up, swedish fish at the ready and keep going. (And this had better not be able that chapter causing your problems, Missy!) Slap Hawk and move on!

      1. Duh! One of these days you will realize I’m ALWAYS right. But until then, just assume that I am. Makes things a whole lot easier!

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