What stupid thing did YOU do today?

If you follow my reviews on Goodreads, then you’ll already know what stupid thing I did today.  I paid $10.99 (plus tax) for an e-book.  (So much for not letting my husband know this!) I have NEVER paid this much for an e-book. Never. But I couldn’t help myself! I needed to read the second in the series…now. Why not check it out at your local library like you normally do?  Because of the 11 copies they have they are all on HOLD!  Okay, buy a used paperback copy you say.  They were more expensive then the kindle version!  Local bookstores? Out of stock. What was a desperate reader to do? I HAD to do it!


The book is the second in a series of three books by Ally, Condie, one of my new favorite writers.  Below is what I ordered.

GREAT cover


The first book is called Matched Cover is also, very pretty, see


There is a third too, which I just know I’m gonna end up buying cause I’m hooked.  These are dystopian novels with a hint of romance.  Love me a good dystopian novel! (so what if I didn’t know what that actually meant until I googled it)


The best example of a dystopian novel (cause I’m a pro now) is a great little book called The Gift.  It too is one of three. A CLASSIC!


So maybe it was stupid to spend that much on an e-book, but maybe not.  My mind is already swimming with ideas from just her style of writing alone.  Money well spent, I’d say.


But it begs the question.  What stupid thing did YOU do today?


7 thoughts on “What stupid thing did YOU do today?”

    1. I once went to see a show with Australian guys in it, called “Thunder From Down Under”……worth every penny, every rip of Velcro, every 6-pack on the stage. Unfortunately, I had to meet them all later – my girlfriend is the costume “harlot” for Trump Hotels in Atlantic City……….pity.

  1. First of all, I woke up before 6 AM – and that was okay, watched the moon set. Then we decided to move the boat off anchor and come back into the floating dock that is “home”……and then, well then, the real stupidity……….I came into work. Stupid, stupid, stupid…………….

  2. I still think you paid too much…but then again I’ve already read the books. But as far as being a lover of dystopian…I’m glad to hear that since my next two trilogies are gonna be right up your alley 🙂

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