I’ll miss you Cherry Coke

Today is a sad day people. Today I gave up Cherry Coke. One of the few luxuries I used to allow myself.   And having an occasional soda is not a bad thing. It’s just when you get carried away, like I did. See, I was great at convincing myself that I’d earned one of these babies.  Hot out? You deserve a coke.  Kids cranky? Have a coke.  Got a hangnail? Coke it up.  You get the idea. (hangs her head in shame)

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, it looks soooooooooooooooooo gooooood!

The last few months, I treated myself with the liquid devil–a lot.  Then one dark and stormy day, I noticed something disturbing.  None of my pants fit anymore.


Not one single pair.


Not even those ‘special’ ones we ladies hang onto for those extra special bloated days.

Yeah, you know the ones.


Since I can’t afford to buy new pants, I’ve had to switch to Slim Fast and Seltzer water instead.  No way near as fun as it sounds.


As an added bonus, I now get to suffer from the caffeine withdrawal headaches that come when you suddenly stop downing 3-10 sodas a day.


It is for these reasons that there have been no recent photos of me on facebook. I’m bloated and cranky; and no one wants to look at that.  That, and I currently have no pants.  Pretty sure that would be a bad pic to post.


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