Daily Dose of Pulled, pt 2

The experiment continues.  Here is part two of Pulled.  If you want to read the first part, just roll down to the post below or click here




I’m already awake when the sun comes up, but I’m too annoyed to get out of bed; I hate first days.


When I’m finally able to talk myself into a shower, I debate briefly whether to shave the beard I’ve been trying to grow all summer, or keep it. Screw it. I’m shaving it. The damn thing never grew in where I needed it to anyway.


I’m hopeful that this year will be easier since most of the student body got their ‘grand reveal’ last year, it’ll only be the freshman I’ll have to try hiding from until they’ve managed to sneak a peek. Thankfully, after a few weeks, they too, will ignore me and then I’ll be able to breathe and be myself again.


Pulling into the almost-empty lot, I turn off the engine of my ’89 VW, yank out my schedule and shake my head. Acting. Although I can understand the rationale for having to take acting classes as part of my directing major, I’m still not happy about it. This face needs to be offstage, not on it.


The only thing that will make this class bearable will be Professor Williams. As a former Broadway star, he knows his stuff. I was able to stage manage for one of his shows last year, so he and I get along nicely. I do as he asks and he keeps his eyes off of me. A perfect working relationship.


Checking the clock on the dashboard, I note that I’m 20 minutes early. Right on time. Being early is one of my few indulgences; it allows me just enough time to find a seat without a ton of eyes watching my every move and whispering remarks behind my back.


So when I open the door to class, I am extremely annoyed to find that another student has beaten me there–forcing me to walk past her and her predictable stare.




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