Someone call an exterminator

Well, it’s Friday. The 13th, I might add.  And on Friday’s we take a break from the Daily Dose of Pulled and instead, bring you the true horror of this day.


The Critters are Invading. Like all of them.  There are spiders in every single room of my house, hanging out on the ceilings so I can’t catch those buggers, ants in one of my cars….ants! for weeks! mice in one shed and a snake, yes a snake in the other!  Really? What’s next, Bats in the Belfry?

Insert screaming here









How am I supposed to write under these conditions? How ask you? How?


The Daily Dose will return tomorrow when we find out what the ‘pull’ is in Pulled.







5 thoughts on “Someone call an exterminator”

  1. Put them all inside your house. The spiders will eat the ants. The bats will eat the spiders. The snake will eat the mice and bats. And then you just kill the snake. Problem solved!

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