Okay, this is SLIGHTLY embarrassing.

I don’t often admit my shortcomings, because, well that would be foolish of me.  Why publicly announce what a big moron you are?  I do it for you, dear reader. So you can find laughter in my embarrassing moments.

There are actually TWO incidences that I get to tell you about. How lucky do YOU feel right now?  The first is when I walked into the two local bookstores that have had my book for over a month, only to discover that neither store had sold one stinking copy of Pulled.  Not even the one pathetic copy the Grumpy bookstore owner took just to get me out of his store. It’s still sitting there, laughing at me.   Ha, ha, no one wants your crummy book!  It was worse because my husband was with me.  Sigh.

Yeah, I’m the one on the right. No idea who the other dude is.

The second thing is not my fault. Well okay it is, but not entirely.  A few days ago, I posted to facebook that my numbers had miraculously shot up and that I was now number 51 in romance sales.  Number 51!  Woot Woot!  I even felt the need to brag this tid-bit to the new local bookstore that opted NOT to take my book of this amazing fact, thereby hoping to render them regretful.  As karma would have it, the jump was a mistake. Figures. Amazon suffered a glitch and within hours the problem had resolved itself.  Open mouth, insert foot.

Why, hello, winner.

Now it’s your turn. Cheer me up by telling me YOUR embarrassing moment.


2 thoughts on “Okay, this is SLIGHTLY embarrassing.”

  1. I just finished reading your book “Pulled”. I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely mesmerizing it was to read. I couldn’t put it down. I had chills through the majority of the book. The hairs on my arms literally stood up the whole time. I haven’t felt this emotional about a book in years!! Thank you for writing this!!

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