Seminar in Non Fiction. For realz???

As part of my graduate program I have to take a seminar on Non Fiction. Me, the fiction writer.  It’s a week long class and today was the first day.  Our first assignment was to write a letter to someone we’ve been meaning to contact.  I opted to write a letter to a friend of mine who passed away recently. I blogged about her here.  Not the funnest of letters to write, let me tell you.

Yeah, I may have used a few of these.

We then moved on to writing a poem about where we ‘Are From.’  A poem? Really?  This just keeps getting worse!  But everyone else was plugging away, so I had to as well.


Here’s one stanza came up with that doesn’t make me want to punch myself: bearing in mind I am neither a poet or a non-fiction writer.


I am from gussied-up trailer-trash

second-hand smoke

third-hand clothes


first-hand knowledge.



2 thoughts on “Seminar in Non Fiction. For realz???”

  1. If you have something worthwhile to say, how you say it, be it fiction, non-fiction, poetry, painting, sculpture, music, etc…is really a matter of form and structure, which is merely a matter of learning how. That poem is really good. It says more in those five lines than most people can express in pages and pages…so I guess you are a poet.

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