I’m done. Again. Sigh.

So awhile back I posted to y’all that I’d finished my first draft of Pulled Back.  Then round one of editing began and my characters started ganging up on me, insisting I change things around.  So draft two began.  During my vaca, I was able to weave the first draft in with the second draft to create this third draft that is on its way to my wonderfully supportive beta readers, then after even more changes, it’s off to my editor who may just shred the whole thing to bits.

My editor. Not really. But kinda…

BUT, if all goes according to plan, this puppy will be out by Christmas!

Now that I’ve posted this, I have to follow through, right?  Yikes.


3 thoughts on “I’m done. Again. Sigh.”

  1. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel..stay strong and focused….rootin’ for you!

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