Kristen Stewart cheated on me. On ME!!!

(First things first. I own NONE of the images below.)

I don’t know Kristen Stewart.  Nor do I know the 40 year old married man WITH KIDS that she cheated on Robert Pattinson with. Further, there will never be an instance in my future where I would ever meet her because I am merely a writer in the willy wacks of Maine.

Nevertheless, I feel cheated on. You see, she cheated on me when she kissed that old man.  And this is how.  When Twilight came out, I didn’t care for KStew. In fact, I thought she was a terrible actress (as an actress myself, I knew I could have done the part better. ha!) Anywho, I loved the story of the series (if not the writing) so much so that I forgave her the lack of facial expressions and incessant blinking because of one thing: Robert Pattinson.  He was smitten with her. It was all over his purrrty little face.  From day one.  Hell, if he loved her so much she must not be ALL bad.

Their romance was a slow burn, just like the novels I love to write and read. Everyone wondered, are they together?  Those who consider ourselves Twitards knew the truth. They were together.  It made me smile seeing him look at her with such passion and desire.  The way all woman want to be looked at.

Yeah, like that. She can’t take his gaze. She has to look away. Not a good sign.

Here comes the cheatin’ part. Through their movies and red carpet appearances, they made me believe that their love was genuine. It was the ultimate love story.  Novel worthy!  I was happy that they were happy.  Happy for him.

Then the pictures of KStew kissing another came out and my heart sank.  I felt dirty. Used. She made me believe in her.  In love at first sight. In happily ever after. And she ruined it. She’s probably ruined her career too, since most of her fans were Twilight fans.


Now that I think if it, this probably would make a good work of fiction.  Trying to find empathy for the one who cheats.

Do I hope the two of them can work through this and get back together? Sure. Only because I know how much he loves HER.  Tune in to Jon Stewart on Monday to see what Rob says about the whole mess!

UPDATE:  Well, we learned NOTHING from the Jon Stewart interview. Except that the precious is still in pain.


Regardless of what you think of the Twilight franchise or these two actors, cheating is always a sad thing.  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Which is why I write books like Pulled.  The hope is alive in books, anyway.

Danielle Bannister

Author of Pulled


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