Wake me up when this August ends

Did I make you start singing Green Day’s ‘Wake me up when September Ends?’  No?

How about now?


Good, now that I’ve driven you insane, you have an inkling of what this August has been for me.  If you’re a teacher, you have some grasp of what I’m going through.  In my paid gig, I work as the director of a children’s program and I have to get curriculum ready and rooms prepped for about 70 kids in ages ranging from 4-18. On top of that, they are doing construction in all four of my classrooms so I can’t get in and get to work.  Class begins second week of September. Stress much?

As it that isn’t enough, I have an anthology to format (a second paid gig), data entry to enter (3rd paid gig), a sequel to edit (a poorly paid gig) and a family who always wants to play with me (gig paid in hugs).

On a positive note, I’m working with a newly formed writers group called: Not Famous (yet) as a way to share our work with our community. (more info on that later), and plugging away with my other writing group pounding out new work.

The stress comes in trying to find the balance with this insatiable urge to be creative and the dastardly need to be practical and actually earn a living.

Has anyone found that happy medium yet?  Is there one?

Danielle Bannister

Author of Pulled


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