Insert curve ball here

So working at job number 2 (I clean offices on the weekend–yeah, glamorous, I know,) I always daydream about my writing. ALWAYS.  Sometimes a good idea hits me and I’ll feel validating in some small way, but mostly I dream about book tours and traveling and being on Oprah (I know she’s not on anymore, but she’s going to come back and have a one night only interview for me.  It’s gonna be epic!)

Anywho…As I was emptying one of countless trashcans, hoping the pink big wad of gum didn’t land on my hand, I had a thought. A plot twist to insert smack into the end of Pulled Back, and a twist that would help carry Book Three: Pulled Back Again (Such an original title, I know! Jealous?)

Curve balls make me happy.


I was so jazzed about getting home to write down said curve ball that I neglected to stop at the store and pick up fruit for my children.


Yup. Bad mom.  Here kids, instead of a nice healthy banana like I was gonna get you, have this instead.

Pass the ketchup

Don’t worry, Oprah will call me out for this failure.




Danielle Bannister,

Author of Pulled


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