Life Interrupted

I’ve struggled a long time with how to handle this post.  People who read blogs don’t want to be dragged down with the sad and intimate details of your life. They want to be entertained, enlightened, engaged.  Egads!

But every now and again, life interrupts the things we once knew as ‘the norm’ and leads us down a path we didn’t think we’d ever journey, at least, not on our own.  Today, after ten years of marriage, my husband and I are choosing to separate.  It’s a mutual decision that has been years in the making.  There are no hard feelings held by either of us.  We have simply grown apart and want different things in life.  I am okay, or will be soon enough.

I know some of you are anxious for Pulled Back to be released.  And that will come, just not as soon as I would have said yesterday.   Life has a way of pulling the rug out from even the best laid plans.  I can only hope readers will give me some time to grieve the life I had, and adjust to the one that is coming.

In gratitude,

Danielle Bannister

Author of Pulled


6 thoughts on “Life Interrupted”

  1. Sorry to hear that, Danielle. My best to both of you, and may you continue to grow and flourish on your chosen path. Ok, that was a but schmaltzy, but I have not had enough coffee yet.

  2. So sorry to hear that. Of course we are all anxious for Pulled Back to be released, but it’s more important that you take the time you need for yourself and your kids. Take care and don’t worry, we fans will be here when you can have the time to focus on its release – you need to focus on YOU right now! ((hugs))

  3. Hi, sorry to read of the seperation. I know that you will land on your feet. (I know this as first hand knowledge don’tcha know) Please, if there is anything I can do, please don’t hesitate. Love ya, Me xo

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