Back in the saddle again

Got ya all singing that song now haven’t I?  If you don’t know the song, please don’t tell me. It’ll just make me feel old, and that is the last thing I need right now! Ha!


Many of you may be wondering how I’m ‘holding up’ after the last post about my separation from my husband of ten years.   I can say quite honestly, I’m good.  Trying to find ANOTHER part time job to pay the new bills of another rental, while trying frantically to get things done that need to get done before the school year begins, which is like, TWO DAYS!

’nuff said


The school year brings with it the promise of getting back to writing, which for obvious reasons had to be on hold.  This will be a good thing.  I NEED to get back to it.  It is time.


Thank you all for your patience during this trying time.  I hope my posts can keep you entertained in the meantime.


Danielle Bannister,

Author of Pulled


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