Draft 3, here I come, ready or not!

One of the suckiest (yes that’s a word ’cause I said so) of being a writer is editing.

My new best friend


Getting the first draft out is painful, much like having a baby.  It’s slow and messy and confusing as hell.  The second draft is much like seeing the baby just after it’s born.  Yeah, it’s human, sort of, but it looks all funky and smells weird.  That’s because it’s not quite your baby yet.  The nurses haven’t washed it up yet.  You know, gotten the cottage cheese off their head and all.  The third draft is when the baby stops looking alien and starts smelling like soap, so by the 4th draft you can introduce it to the family (or your editor) and be sort of confident that you don’t have THIS happen.


That is every writer’s worst nightmare I think. Sigh.


I love that the painful part is over, don’t get me wrong, but this part is no fun either.  This is the phase where you can’t rest on your ‘oh I’m so clever’ writer laurels and actually have to make the book logical.  GRRRR. Me no likey logic.  Me like to live in fantasy land!

But, on the flip side, at least the kids are in school now so I can read more than one sentence at a time before somebody needs food…or a band-aid.   I love school time.


For all those reading, I THINK this may be the end of this series, at least for awhile. I’ve been putting too many other stories on hold and I wanna try my brain with them for a bit.  I hope I’ve left Pulled Back in a good ending spot, but I’m sure you will all let me know if I haven’t!


Thanks for the support, and the endless piles of Swedish Fish.


Danielle Bannister

Author of Pulled 



4 thoughts on “Draft 3, here I come, ready or not!”

  1. I’ve never left a message for an author before, but I started Pulled yesterday and couldn’t put it down until I finished today! I loved it and can’t wait for Pulled Back! I’m always looking for a good read, but lately nothing has been able to keep my interest. My only disappointment was that I read it too quickly!! :0)

    1. Aw! Thank you! That is so sweet of you to say! I know what you mean about finding a good book and finishing it to fast. There’s reader’s remorse! It’s books like that that inspired me to write, so to know my book falls into that category with you is such a joy to me. Thank you!!!!

  2. I just finished reading ‘Pulled’ and cannot wait to read ‘Pulled Back’. Please release SOON! It’s frustrating reading one book and having to wait what seems to be forever until the sequel is released.

    1. I know what you mean! I hate that too! Honest! I’m working my butt off trying to finish it. I’m going through a major live change here, so it’s taking me longer than I hoped. Keep checking here for updates though! Thanks for reading!

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