How 6 hours will turn into 1. It’s Magic!

Each week day, I have the house to myself. (Don’t hate me, I work from home).  And each morning after I drop my kiddos off at school, I say, this will be the day when I can devote all six of those hours to writing.  This, of course, never actually happens, and all writers can probably relate.  Here is just an example of how my 6 blissful writing hours today will shrink itself down to one hurried hour.

Hour 6: Spent doing the laundry and fixing the damn ‘IE’ code. Internal Error be gone!!!! Grrrr.  Who needs underwear, really?

Hour 5: Spent picking up the disaster area that is my house.  At least now I can see my floor.  This is a good thing, right?

Okay, so it wasn’t THIS bad…

Hour 4: Spent on the phone with people concerned about me and how I’m handling my separation.  I can feel the love.  Thanks all!

Hour 3: Spent blogging/facebooking and Tweeting. WHAT? It’s marketing…sort of, kind of, sometimes.  Oh, quiet, you all do it too.  (Please tell me you do it too!)

Hour 2: Spent working for the part time  job I actually get paid for.  (And no, I don’t feel bad about only working an hour today at this job since I spent 8-8 yesterday working at said part time job.) Oy.

I kinda looked like this. Pretty, huh?

Hour 1: Holy CRAP!  I only have an hour left?  Quick, be brilliant tiny fingers, be clever, but not cliched.  Ack!  Why won’t my fingers type faster?   Where the heck did my day go????



Danielle Bannister

Author of Pulled, and EVENTUALLY, Pulled Back.   Honest.  Once can afford a maid.  Sigh.






4 thoughts on “How 6 hours will turn into 1. It’s Magic!”

  1. I can feel for you. I write, or at least try to but I also design knitted lace christening gowns. I am elderly and live with just my little dog. I rise early and after checking e-mails and face book I watch the news but my fingers are not idle, I am usually working on a new design. I always mean to write as soon as the news is finished then I drop a stitch or I have to rework the graph or change the design because I have thought of a different way of doing it. Then it is lunch time and I missed breakfast so I eat. News is on again and I fall asleep in my chair. I wake up and I check face book again then it is tea time, my dog needs feeding and a cuddle and the day is finished,

      1. You put your effort to where your heart is. I have 2 part time jobs, soon to be 3, but I still make writing my priority by making sure I work on my writing everyday. I still have to work doing things to make money, but at least I’m still writing too. It may be different for you though.

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