The 5 Worst Things About a Separation

So, by now you all know that I’m separating from my husband of ten years (it’s amicable and for the best), and while the transition has been smooth so far, he hasn’t actually left yet (he moves this weekend).

Seeing him pack boxes up made me start to think hard about the things that are gonna suck when he’s gone.  Like any good writer, I jotted down a list.  Here it goes.


The 5 Worst Things About a Separation


5.  There will be no one now to fend off the boogie man, but me.  Yikes.  Sorry kids, you’re on your own!

4.  Heavy lifting will no longer occur.  Sad Panda.  Me likey moving my furniture all around. 😦


3.  When something breaks, I’m gonna have to fix it.  Kinda scary thought.  Paper clips works wonders, I hear.

Time to stock up on these babies!


2.  There will be no one in the house who get’s my attempt at a joke.


1. I will now be crowned:  Head Bug Killer.  I’m gonna need a bigger fly swatter.

Next Week: The 5 Best Things About a Separation


Danielle Bannister, Author of Pulled




8 thoughts on “The 5 Worst Things About a Separation”

  1. I can imagine that many of these things will take some adjustment, but it will only make you a stronger person. You can do it! I have faith 🙂

  2. Yes but you also get to stop fixing foods you don’t like. You can sprawl all over the bed. You can squeeze the toothpaste tube anyway you want. You’ll have less laundry. Took me a while but it was all worth it.

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