I don’t have time to write this blog

For real.  There are a hundred things I should be doing right now besides blogging, and about ten of them I’m doing AS I write this blog.


Since hubby left, I’ve had to take on a few more roles.  I’ve had to learn how to fix a toilet. Gross.  Take on ANOTHER job. Sigh.  Move furniture. Ouch. And hardest of all, rely on Google calender for every move I make.  In short, I’m stressing out.

Today, I should be doing the pile of laundry that mounted after the washer went on the fritz. Again.  I should be prepping for the TWO twenty-hour a week jobs I hold.  I should be washing my floors cause me feet are starting to stick to it.  I should clean the litter box…cause it’s gross.


But I am NOT doing any of those things today.


Today, I am writing.  All stinking day.  I HAVE to.  I haven’t written in weeks and it’s ‘killing me softly.’


So today, I’m being irresponsible.   I’m doing something I NEVER do.  I’m putting MY needs first.


New ground for me people. New ground.  Catch ya on the flip side.


Danielle Bannister,

Author of  Pulled


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