I don’t have time to write this blog

For real.  There are a hundred things I should be doing right now besides blogging, and about ten of them I’m doing AS I write this blog.


Since hubby left, I’ve had to take on a few more roles.  I’ve had to learn how to fix a toilet. Gross.  Take on ANOTHER job. Sigh.  Move furniture. Ouch. And hardest of all, rely on Google calender for every move I make.  In short, I’m stressing out.

Today, I should be doing the pile of laundry that mounted after the washer went on the fritz. Again.  I should be prepping for the TWO twenty-hour a week jobs I hold.  I should be washing my floors cause me feet are starting to stick to it.  I should clean the litter box…cause it’s gross.


But I am NOT doing any of those things today.


Today, I am writing.  All stinking day.  I HAVE to.  I haven’t written in weeks and it’s ‘killing me softly.’


So today, I’m being irresponsible.   I’m doing something I NEVER do.  I’m putting MY needs first.


New ground for me people. New ground.  Catch ya on the flip side.


Danielle Bannister,

Author of  Pulled


One Comment Add yours

  1. Amy Miles says:

    Good for you! Housework will always be there but the time to write won’t. Enjoy 🙂

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