Um, you’re doing it wrong…


Since my separation earlier this month, I’ve run into countless people who want to hug me and offer their shoulder to cry on.  They  are perplexed when I tell them “I’m okay.  In fact, I’m great.”  They cock their head as if to say ‘it’s okay, you can tell me…”  But really.  I’m good.  He’s good.  The kids are good.  The cat even seems happier.  Truth.

Well, she still looks pretty ticked here, but you try getting a cat to smile!

This mutual happiness posses a problem for our mutual friends.  They think they need to take sides. That someone had to be in the wrong.  That we can’t be getting along so well.  We’re told that we are doing this whole separation thing wrong.  How can we still be so nice to each other?  How can we have witty banter on facebook?  How can we still be civil?  Why?  Because we’re still friends.


So I don’t think we’re doing it wrong.  I think we’re finally doing it right.


Danielle Bannister

Author of Pulled



6 thoughts on “Um, you’re doing it wrong…”

  1. I want to chime in and say good for you both, to be able to stay friends and put your children first speaks volumes to your character. Kisses

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