Donuts, wine and doubt

A few days ago, a couple of other writer pals of mine (R.J. Keller, Waiting For Spring) and (Lisa Degerstrom, The Soul Schematic) got together for our monthly writing group, but this time, instead of meeting at a coffee shop, we met at my house.

There was one provision, however.  There must be wine.  Sure we meet at 10:00 in the morning, but this was my writing group and I wanted wine, darn it!  Lucky for me, neither lady batted an eyelash at my suggestion.  In fact, they were more on board to meet than before.
So there I am at my house, with both red and white, since I neglected to ask which kind, when low and behold, said lovely ladies not only brought MORE WINE, but they also brought donuts!  Three people + 5 bottles of wine + 3 dozen donuts= one happy writer.

Now you may shudder at this combination of powdered goodness and squished up grapes, but it was actually quite tasty.

This is huge in France…I think…

Much discussion on writing did actually occur, believe it or not, but the one thing that was the real dessert?  We all struggled with our own doubts about our writing.   It didn’t matter how many raves we got, we still had that feeling of not being sure we were worthy of such praise.  A common thread for three very different writers.


To that I say, pass the wine, my friends.


Danielle Bannister

Author of Pulled







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