The remaining ‘best of the best’

So a few days ago I began a thread of the top ten movies that define who I am.  Miss it?  Click here.  The first five were kind of the obvious choices.  These last five will take a bit more defending…


So, in NO RELEVANT ORDER here are the last of my top ten favorite movies.


5. Moulin Rouge.

There are only two ways to feel about this movie. Love it or hate it.

I’ll admit, when I rented it years ago, I was not in love with the idea of Nicole Kidman singing…not a huge fan of hers in the first place, now I had to watch her sing?  But I hit play anyway (that rhymed!) and for the first 15 min of the movie I was chanting WTF?  For those of you that have seen this gem, you know the feeling that I refer to.  Director Baz Luhrmann (who also did  Romeo & Juliet and Strictly Ballroom) has a unique directing style, and if you have the guts to stay on the roller coaster, you’ll be hooked.  This movie positively kills me.  I’ve seen it countless times and I’ll still get goosebumps and tears each and every time.  Well done, Baz.  Well done.


4. Notting Hill

I wanna be Julia Roberts when I grow up..

Best passage of time montage (well aside from Up) that I’ve ever seen.  It’s just a fun romantic comedy that is sure to make you smile on a bad day.


3. Waiting for Guffman

cause it’s funny

I’m a theatre major.  You HAVE to love this movie if you love the theatre.  You just do.


2.  Skakespeare in Love

aye, meni

I just love the unique premise of this movie.  Just perfect.   A movie about how the idea behind Romeo & Juliet (my favorite of all his works) came to be? Yes please!  That and Joseph Fiennes ain’t bad on the eyes either.  Just saying.



1.  Clue


If you haven’t watched this movie, turn off your computer and watch it now.  Brilliant.


*Bonus pick:
Sigourney Weaver sings. Badly! Epic!


I’m no shrink, but I’d say that these movies say that I’m a pretty cool chick.  Hahahahaha!


Danielle Bannister

Author of Pulled




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