Hey, I remember you!

Yeah, you!  I remember you!  You’re that author chick that used to write posts only she thought was funny…

I’m the one in the middle…either that or I need to shave.

I’m back, baby…at least for the moment.  Can I just say working two jobs while separated, raising two kids and trying to write a novel is HARD?  I can’t even tell you the last time I wrote something that didn’t make me want to punch myself.  You know kinda like the Hulk does to Thor in The Avengers.

“Hulk SMASH”

To say that I’ve been busy is an understatement.   How do writers who work full-time do it?  Oh yeah, most aren’t that nuts!   Of course, the two part-time jobs I have add up to about 60 hours a week (but only paid for 40–oh, irony, how I love you) so that MAY explain it.  Or I may, MAY just hate my book.

Oh yes, I’ve reached that stage.  The stage in writing where you want to toss it all.  Hand in your writer’s card and say “I’m sorry, I’ve made a mistake.  I have no business putting my fingers to the keyboard.  My most humble of apologies.”  -Wannabe Author

I know some of my writing friends will understand the stage that I refer.  The I’m a Loser Baby…Stage.  So, I defer to you, my fellow writers…how do you find the courage to push on?  Wine? Chocolate?  Hot date?  Or do I just need to hunker down and finish the darn thing?


Searching for redemption in the crap novel she’s written;

Danielle Bannister

Author of one good book, Pulled


2 thoughts on “Hey, I remember you!”

  1. I have zero advice but I feel your pain. I work FT, only have 1 kid and I can’t even find the time to write in the journal I keep for her. Since you have written one novel it must be something you love. Everyone seems to find time for the things they love. (And chocolate always seems to help.)

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