You asked for it. Now you can have it.

So, I asked y’all if you’d actually read a collection of short stories, and you said yes (for the most part) so if ya want a take a look, my first collection of Short Stories is now available for download.  The print version should be available any day now (do people still read paperbacks?)

Short Shorts 2012

Order Short Shorts here.

If anyone DOES read it, I could use some reviews.  Zero reviews doesn’t seem to sell books. Wonder why?


Danielle Bannister

Author of Pulled AND Short Shorts


2 thoughts on “You asked for it. Now you can have it.”

  1. Hi, k, I just ordered and read the short stories. I freaking love it!! I especially liked the intro to each story/poem. I enjoyed knowing where your head was at. It helped me understand the path of the theme for each one. Great job, very entertaining. Love ya, Me xo

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