Dreams you HAVE to give up once you’re 37

This Sunday, I heard a children’s story about not giving up on your dreams.  It was cute and motivating as all good children’s books should be, but also, I think, a tad misleading.


For instance, once you hit a certain age, say 37, for example, there are certain dreams you just have to give up on.

  • Being taller.  I THINK I’m done growing vertically.  Since I’m also a klutz, I can’t even wear shoes to make me taller, so I have got to learn to embrace the tiny.
We share more than a root name, apparently.
  • Becoming a dancer, not that it was ever a real dream, but when I look at people who can dance, it seems like it would have been fun to do.
  • Performing on Broadway.  Sigh. This WAS a real dream.  There are probably some who read this who could argue that it still COULD happen, but we all know better. That ship has sailed.  Maybe in the next life.
  • Staring opposite Robert Pattinson.  Sadly, this is as close as the dream will get:
This is just wrong
  • Being tone.  I like junk food too much.
  • Finding Prince Charming.  Did you know he only exists in Fairy Tales?  I know!  I didn’t have a clue either!
  • Writing a best selling novel…you know what?  This one, I’m not giving up on.


Danielle Bannister,

Author (Damn it!)


4 thoughts on “Dreams you HAVE to give up once you’re 37”

  1. Well then, it seems it is time for you to dream some new dreams. And it is never too late to be a Best Seller. You’re already an author – with a book. That’s more than a lot of people can say.

  2. Funny how as adults we judge all our dreams as “real” or how likely they are to come true. In my opinion, nothing wrong with a daydream about being a 5′ 10″ toned actor / dancer (because you can eat junk food & be tone if you dance enough) on Broadway playing opposite Robert Patinson, who is playing Prince Charming. Why does it have to become a reality to be a valid desire? Dream on, my friend!

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