My mission: should I choose to accept it…

tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM!
tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM!

I have exactly 7 days to finish Pulled Back.  That’s right people.  The kids will be with their father, which leaves me 7 days to actually finish this thing and ship off to an editor who will work in exchange for my kidney, ’cause let’s face it, I don’t have $500 bucks to give to one.

Free to a good editor
Free to a good editor


Being editorless, it may mean that I will need to turn to Beta Readers to tackle the major mess ups while I hock everything I own to pay for said editor.  Would any of you dear readers, be interested in such a thankless task?  It would mean seeing how bad my writing is before it actually makes it to print, but maybe some of you like that sort of thing.  Who knows?


If there is any interest in being a Beta Reader, send me a quick note and I’ll be in touch.


Danielle Bannister

Author of Pulled and Short Shorts


8 thoughts on “My mission: should I choose to accept it…”

  1. Don’t look any further, I’ll do it for free. Okay, not all free, I would like a copy of the book for free in return. Love ya, Me xo

  2. I would love to help. I took honors English in H.S. and I’ve also has two college English courses. I read a lot of different books so I can give you an ‘outside the box’ look at things.

  3. I would love to read it! I’ve been waiting (not so patiently) to get Pulled Back into my hands. I’m an avid reader and thoroughly enjoyed your first novel. Hope I can help!

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