That about sums up what my brain feels like right now.  I’m in the throws of editing and am starting to realize that one shouldn’t announce a book release until AFTER she’s had a chance to look at what her editor has to say. Oy!

brain fry


So, for my dear beta readers, just know I’m working my tail off to get this to you BEFORE Valentine’s day but within the time frame where I actually have time to make the changes you suggest.  Which is a very small window, FYI. According to my brilliant planning, (thank you Amy Miles) I had planned on getting the book out to the Beta Readers four days ago.  However, since my editing snafu has prevented that, I am trying to find another date.  If I can’t get it done by this weekend, there may be  no hope of getting it to beta readers before it comes out.  Hence, why I’m panicking.

I’m also working on contest on my Pulled FB page. I’m doing give aways each Thursday up to the release of Pulled Back, so check that out.  This week’s prize is free e-copy of Ruby Blue!!!

Bookmarks have been ordered and the cover finalized.  All I need to do now is finish the edits.   jfkalsjrfiesurfidghndksjurfeiwrieurye.






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