I’m trying to finish a book here people!

Could someone please inform the powers that be to stop closing school so I can finish my book?  Yesterday, my school district closed because it rained.  Yes, rained. We live in Maine. Rain is not new.  (Apparently some side roads were icy. Okay, fine. So delay us a few hours, don’t cancel the whole day!) and today, only the schools MY kids go to are canceled due to heavy wind and rain (power is out at the schools. Give them a candle, they’ll be fine.)


This means that on top of my already insane work schedule from home, I now have to care for two bored children.  Grrrrr.  Don’t the weather gods know I have only til this weekend to finish this book??


Add to that, my house is currently falling apart in said wind.  My screed door has ripped out of their screws, my old-school antenna is now in ruins, a piece of my gutter has blown away and shingles from my roof keep coming off. And we keep losing our power.  It’s ARMAGEDDON!

it's EXACTLY like this.
it’s EXACTLY like this.


On the flip side, I think the edits are coming along nicely and am currently on track for my FEB 14TH release date, so stay tuned while I go tie my car down.


Danielle Bannister

Author of Pulled and soon to be Pulled Back



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