You mean I have to write a Third Book?

It all began with a little dream I had one night. Well, not really a dream, actually.  It was an image that flashed in my head just before waking one day about three years ago.  It was the image of two people, a boy and a girl, hovering a few feet of the ground, in a lightning storm, just outside my old college theatre department.  The two people were reaching out to each other with lightning coming out of their bodies.

Needless to say, it was a weird image to wake up to.  I tried not to think about it as I went about my day (at the time) as a homeschooling mama.  But the image just wouldn’t get out of my head.  Before that day, I had never written anything more than what was demanded from me in school sessions. Never kept a journal, or wrote for fun.  I was an actress.  I performed my stories on the stage, not on the page (hey, that rhymed).  But still, the image wouldn’t leave me.  So, I sat down at my computer (the one used only for work) and opened up a word doc.  The next thing I knew, I had ten pages down.  Those ten pages grew, purely out of my own curiosity to find out what the picture meant.  Ironically, the image I had never made it into the story, but I think I captured the feeling of it…

Eventually, it became a short story, and being brave, I handed what I had written so far to my friend, Kari.  (Yes, the same Kari that is in my Pulled Books).

croped cover

She loved what I had written so much, that she pestered me daily to give her more. So I did.  I wrote, she read. For two years I labored on Pulled while still homeschooling and working a 20 hour a week job.  I still remember the day I had written the ending and sent it over to Kari.  She called me up the second it was done and screamed into the phone: “No!, But, Yes!, but NO!  She didn’t know it, but that was exactly the response I had been hoping for.  With her pushing and guidance from a fellow friend and indie author, R.J. Keller,

don't really 'click to LOOK INSIDE' cause I just copied and pasted. I'm lazy
don’t really ‘click to LOOK INSIDE’ cause I just copied and pasted. I’m lazy


I published Pulled on Createspace.  I had become a published author.

So I had done it. I’d written a book.  I was finished. At least, I thought I was.  What I didn’t realize is that while people were reading Pulled, I got bitten by the writing bug. I started enrolling into classes, keeping a -gasp- journal.  I started a blog! A fb page.  I was marketing myself.

What I didn’t count on, however, was that when people were done with Pulled, they would want another.

Um….it’s over. There isn’t any more to that story.  I thought I’d done a perfect job of tying off that story with a pretty little bow.  The fans didn’t agree. They needed more.  But…there isn’t any more…

Or was there…

Pulled Back BN Cover

From the fans of Pulled,  Pulled Back was born.

Now it seems, I’ve gone and done it again.  A third book now needs to be written. Their stories need to be finished. And I think I know just how to do it, thanks to you all.

Danielle Bannister


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